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When it comes to any car, reliable auto batteries are crucial to ensure the vehicle works every time. Interstate Batteries El Paso provides highly-reviewed batteries for your vehicle so you and your passengers can travel with peace of mind. While our local distributor has a focus on El Paso, we have a national support system that allows us to provide retail and wholesale services. Unsure if it’s time for a battery replacement? Drive on down to Interstate Batteries El Paso for your free battery test!

About Our Free Battery Testing

In El Paso, the heat tends to drain auto batteries quickly. As a result, it’s incredibly important that you get your battery tested regularly. However, not all battery tests are equal. Not only do we offer free battery testing, but our battery testing services also give more information than most. Our battery tests can tell the age of your battery, water content, and the strength of the battery.

How often should you have your car battery tested? Make it part of your regular car checkup! You can check your tires for free elsewhere so whenever you do that, you should also check your battery. 

Our Car Battery Replacement Process

Once we’ve determined that your battery does need to be replaced, we’ll then help you find the type of battery that your vehicle needs. When we find the specific battery you need, we can then take you through more versions of the battery depending on your price point and needs. Finally, we can trade your old battery for your new battery, which we then put through our award-winning recycling and disposal services

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Choosing Interstate Batteries

Interstate Batteries is the #1 battery replacement in North America, with over 200,000 locations. Quality batteries at competitive pricing have made us the #1 choice for batteries by 4 out of 5 technicians. Over the years, we’ve worked with countless individuals and companies, meaning we know exactly what you need for maximum performance. 

Auto Battery Pricing

Since Interstate Batteries has national and international reach, we are able to provide competitive rates for our auto batteries. For those on a budget, we also offer used batteries that have been inspected and verified for sale. Our installation pricing also reflects our commitment to our clients. For more information on the pricing for our old and new auto batteries, contact our team directly. 

How Our Services Surpass Other Outlets

As stated above, our local battery dealer is backed by a national support network, and our batteries are backed by a coast to coast, nationwide warranty. Our team sets the standard for responsible handling practices, including our Green Standard recycling program. Not only do we provide new and proven batteries for your vehicle(s), but we also responsibly dispose of or recycle your old battery!

Get A Fresh Auto Battery With Interstate Batteries!

Is your car in dire need of a new battery? We’ve got you covered.
Give us a call or send us an email to learn more about what your next steps should be. 
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