Battery Maintenance in El Paso

Not only do we offer free battery inspections, but Interstate Batteries El Paso also provides top-notch battery maintenance services. The typical vehicle battery will last anywhere from 3 to 5 years, but you can maximize the lifespan of your battery with regular maintenance appointments. The last thing drivers want is a battery that gives out prematurely, so our maintenance services are designed to prevent just that.If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, give us a call we will be glad to walk you through maintaining your battery!

Not All Faulty Batteries Need Replacing

Vehicle batteries actually have multiple points of failure, so inspecting the battery could reveal that a simple fix is needed instead of a full replacement. Your vehicle today demands more from the electrical system, including your battery. High demand includes automatic shut off lights, cell phone and other electronic charging in the vehicle, onboard computers and other built in electronics. Your vehicle battery is getting drained and may just need recharging or with the high heat in the El Paso area, and underhood temperatures, your battery may need to be rehydrated. 

Our team is here to serve you by charging up your battery, cleaning the post, and rehydrating your battery, all at no charge to our valued Interstate Battery customers. We also may be able to provide you with a loaner battery during the maintenance on your battery, we do require a refundable deposit on the loaner until returned.

*Note: We may also determine that the battery is working properly and that you may be experiencing starter or alternator or other electrical issues.

Battery Maintenance
Services We Provide

The battery maintenance services that we offer at Interstate Batteries
include the following:

Common Maintenance FAQs

As you can probably imagine, the battery for your vehicle provides a range of critical functions that wouldn’t work properly or at all without one. As such, your battery should be well-cared for to last as long as possible and keep you on the road. Regular battery inspection and maintenance can prolong your battery life and keep performance high until a full replacement is required. 

How often you should get your battery maintained depends on a number of factors like the type of battery, climate, driving frequency, and more. However, scheduling an inspection/maintenance appointment every 3-6 months is generally ideal.

The pricing for our battery maintenance services may vary depending on the type of battery you own and the specific services required. To see how much battery may cost for your vehicle, give us a call or visit our location to speak with a team member.

Keep Your Battery
In Great Health With Us

Well before your battery is due to be replaced, you can take the time to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Interstate Batteries El Paso would love to provide the maintenance you need for your individual or commercial vehicle. To get started, visit our location or contact us via phone or email. 

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