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If you own or manage a business that sells or uses auto, commercial, RV or boat batteries, Interstate Batteries El Paso is here to help. As a well known name brand, with over 200,000 locations in North America, Interstate Batteries would be interested in meeting with you to talk about building a wholesale account where we will service your
business at your location, with many more benefits, for qualified business.

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Account with Us, Today!

In addition to our retail sales and services, we’re proud to be your source for wholesale battery sales. Since El Paso is a major junction for national and international travel, we understand how important bulk battery services can be. 

We support commercial businesses like auto shops, used car dealerships, semi-truck companies, and much more. Over the years, we’ve garnered stellar reviews and forged strong bonds with the many businesses that keep our city moving and growing. 

If you need wholesale distribution support for your business or would like information on how to become a wholesale dealer, don’t hesitate to contact us directly to receive more info! 

The Wholesale Side Of Interstate Batteries

The wholesale side of our location simply focuses on commercial businesses and the large-scale services and products they may require. We offer many services specifically designed for our commercial clientele. 

Our wholesale service includes reliable battery delivery, and world-class disposal and recycling, among others. To learn more about what our wholesale team can offer you, get in touch with us or visit our location for more information.

What Makes Our Wholesale
Battery Sales Service Unique

Compared to our competition, our wholesale services go above and beyond to support local businesses. First, our inventory is regularly inspected and rotated to ensure each customer receives the absolute best and freshest product we have to offer. We balance a local focus with national and international support, meaning our customers get the best customer service possible. We also ensure that customers have a robust recycling and disposal system to access when their batteries need to be replaced or discarded. 

Wholesale Pricing Info & Warranty Information

Given the nature of our wholesale battery sales services, the pricing information will vary based on the unique needs of each client. Our warranties, however, are always coast-to-coast, meaning they will be honored at any Interstate Batteries location in the nation. If you would like a more accurate quote for the services you require, contact us today!

Our 2-Hour Hot Shot Service

Need batteries for your business quickly? We can do that, too. Our 2-hour Hot Shot service can have fresh batteries at your place of business in 2 hours or less. We understand that time is money, no matter the business, so we try to honor that fact with speedy, reliable delivery.

Distribution Services Benefits

Let Us Support Your Operation

Your operation needs a team with a proven track record of reliability and excellence. With a decade of experience in the El Paso area, we’re confident in our ability to deliver what your company needs every time you call. Get in touch with us today via phone or email, or simply stop by our location, to learn more about our battery sales services and options!

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