Battery Recycling in El Paso

We'll Properly Dispose of Your Old Batteries

Battery recycling and disposal are important for both the consumer and our planet. Whether it’s a fresh battery that has died or a battery you’ve had for years, Interstate Batteries El Paso can take it and properly dispose of or recycle it.

As battery experts, we understand we have an obligation to ensure these batteries are well taken care of. We pride ourselves on our ability to care for the batteries we handle in a responsible manner. 

Batteries We Recycle & Dispose

We are able to dispose of or recycle batteries from conventional vehicle batteries to batteries for recreational vehicles, we have the tools to make sure it’s handled in a manner compliant with all state and federal regulations.

America’s #1 Choice for Battery Recycling

For decades, Interstate Batteries has proudly been the #1 battery recycler in North America. In fact, we actually recycle more batteries than we sell year after year! As America’s largest battery recycling company, we have streamlined the recycling process to provide the most positive impact for our industry. Whether you sell us a small ATV battery or a large commercial truck battery, you can be sure that it will be handled properly.

We Take Your Old Batteries, Too!

All battery purchases require a core exchange to complete the transaction, but we can take your old batteries as well! Have old batteries from a car, truck, golf cart, or another vehicle? We’d love to pay you for it! 

Our Focus On Environmental Health

One of the main reasons why our company is so focused on proper battery recycling and disposal is the impact batteries can have on the environment. Batteries are full of materials that, when improperly disposed of, can cause a ton of harm to the environment and human beings by extension. Since our founding, Interstate Batteries has had a strong environmental focus that has culminated in our Green Standard program.

Our Battery Recycling & Disposal Process

Whether we are trading sold batteries for spent cores or buying batteries outright, we have a robust disposal and recycling process to handle our batteries that we call the Green Standard. The Green Standard is a proprietary battery handling and recycling system designed to go above and beyond environmental and transportation regulations. Our process begins when we receive batteries for recycling, where they are inspected, sorted, and contained in a streamlined manner. 

Once contained, our batteries are then transported to a recycling facility where our batteries are revitalized and revived to meet our strict standards for excellence. Our batteries go through final processes and quality assurance checks at our manufacturing facilities before being delivered to any of our thousands of locations. 

If you have vehicle batteries lying around, we’d be happy to purchase them. We buy batteries by the pound to be recycled and put back into the vehicle battery ecosystem. 

Trust Your Old & Dead Batteries With Interstate Batteries!

If you plan to get rid of your old batteries, make sure you entrust them to a team with the infrastructure, know-how, and will to care for them properly. Interstate Batteries would love to help you offload your unwanted batteries. Give us a call or visit our location to get started!

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