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As El Paso’s top battery store, we carry the best of the best. While all of our batteries must meet rigid standards for our customers, there are some crowd favorites known for their excellent performance and dependability. We’re proud to be YOUR battery expert destination!

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Free Battery Test at Our Battery Store!

Having battery issues? Or would you simply like to check the health of your battery? As your battery expert destination, we offer free battery tests for the full spectrum of vehicle batteries. Unlike our competitors, our battery tests produce a full health report, including strength, water content, and even a prediction of the temperature that may trigger a battery failure. We always go the extra mile to make sure your vehicle can too. 

Battery Disposal/Recycling Services

While we sell and buy thousands of batteries each year, we actually dispose and recycle more batteries than we sell yearly. For decades, Interstate Batteries has been the foremost leader in safe, responsible battery disposal and recycling. 

Having such a high volume of batteries here in El Paso, our team cherishes the opportunity to help customers safely offload their used or dead batteries. 

If you happen to have vehicle batteries that you no longer have any use for, you can bring it to us and we will buy it from you through our buy-back program. Turn clutter from your batteries into cash! 

About Interstate Batteries El Paso

El Paso is a bustling intersection for local, national, and international travel, with many different types of vehicles criss-crossing through our desert city. From cars, trucks, and semi-trucks to dirt bikes and ATVs, we provide battery services for many customers along the border. As El Paso’s battery shop, Interstate Batteries El Paso is proud to provide world-class battery services for a wide spectrum of clients!

How to Become an Interstate Batteries Dealer

Looking to utilize Interstate Batteries services or even become a part of the team? Consider becoming a dealer with us! We offer a variety of perks for installers,  wholesalers, and fleet managers, including top-notch battery supplies and robust nationwide distribution and support networks. 

Our services have been structured so that retail, international, and OEM dealers have access to a global support network with localized and specialized care. To learn more about the process and perks of becoming a dealer and opening up your own battery store, visit the link here for additional information. 

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