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Truck Batteries and Their Lifetime: How Long They Last, Maintenance, and More

There are many factors to keep in mind when getting maintenance done on a semi-truck. One important question to ask yourself and research is how long your semi’s battery is expected to last and what you should do to prolong your battery’s lifetime. There are many preventative measures you can take. Additionally, it is also important to know the red flags of a dying battery. We provide all the information you need!

How Often Do I Get Maintenance Done?

Semi-truck batteries are known to last anywhere from three to five years. Most people often believe they would last longer but because of their heavy usage, their battery life averages out to be three to five years. Because of this, you should be getting maintenance done on your truck battery every six months, at the very least. 

Battery Types 

Full-Maintenance Batteries 

The first kind of battery in semi-trucks is full-maintenance batteries. These batteries require capped vented holes on the top in order for the battery to be filled with distilled water. The water allows the battery to operate efficiently. This means the water should be refilled regularly. With that being said, keep a close eye on the condition of the water in your battery. 

Maintenance-Free Batteries

These batteries do not have a dual venting system and do not require water for frequent maintenance and replacement. These batteries are optimal if you are looking for a good value or a cost-effective choice. Spill-proof and with no need for maintenance, these batteries are rather simple to keep up with and may offer more power, ultimately resulting in longer battery life. 

Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries (AGM) 

The third kind of battery found in semi-trucks is absorbed glass mat batteries. These batteries offer a quick charge and just like maintenance-free batteries, they do not require regular maintenance. These batteries usually last longer than conventional batteries. This is a good choice if you are willing to pay a bit more for a battery that promises a longer life. 

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Truck’s Battery Operating 

Check Fluid Levels

The first important step in keeping up with your semi’s battery is by checking the vehicle’s oil, coolant, transmission, brake, power steering, and other fluids to avoid any major leak problems. If leak problems are present, this can interfere with your battery’s ability to operate at its best. 

Conduct a Battery Load Test 

This test measures the amperes produced through a charged battery and is specific to automobile batteries. You could add an alternator and electrical system to your battery for a yearly preventative maintenance check. If your truck regularly operates in cold weather, it is important to test your battery before cold conditions to avoid problems with charging. 

Check Exterior Lighting 

By checking your exterior lighting, you can avoid burnt-out bulbs and replace them before hitting the road. Also, leaving your truck’s lights on can drain the battery’s life. Almost always, if you leave the lights on overnight, your battery may need to be jump-started to get a quick charge and operate again. 

Signs of Dying Truck Batteries 

Slow Engine Cranks

If your semi-truck cranks and turns over every time you try to power the engine, this is a sign that there is not enough power. If there is not enough power in your battery, it will not be long before finding yourself in need of a new battery. To start your truck’s engine, the battery needs to be in good condition and provide the necessary amount of power. 

Frequent Jumpstarts 

If you constantly have to give your semi-truck a jump start, this is not a good sign. The clicking you hear as you attempt to turn on a battery often leads to a dead battery. Sure, a jump start is a short-term solution and often necessary, but it is not the safest thing to do in the long run. 

Faulty Electrical Components 

When your radio and headlights start to give you problems, this is a major sign of your battery dying out. Other accessories in your semi-truck could be signaling the same thing. Your lights could be operating much slower and the radio could start to restart channels simply because your battery is not operating as it should. 

Get a New and Improved Battery for Your Semi-Truck Only at Interstate Batteries 

Anytime you notice your battery working under its expected performance, it is important to look into a new battery right away. Here at Interstate Batteries, we have the materials you need to operate your vehicles. Contact us today to learn more. 

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